MultiDyne’s corona discharge easily treats the crevices of this plastic profile.
Multi Dyne

Surface Treatment for 3D Objects

3DT offers a complete line of standard corona and plasma treating systems, all customizable for your unique application. These systems can be incorporated into existing lines, automated robots, or operated independently as stand-alone units, allowing maximum versatility.

3DT’s Three–Dimensional Surface Treatment Product Line

PolyDyne – Perfect for high speed printing, assembly, extrusion, and coating lines. 3DT’s PolyDyne is a versatile corona treating system that includes a custom built conveyor and enclosure for each unique application. PolyDyne has undergone a thorough upgrade with all new electronic components, control systems and other added features for powerful, durable, smart operation.

MultiDyne – 3DT’s MultiDyne corona treatment system greatly improves adhesion on injection, blow molded, and extruded parts. It is designed for the treatment of smaller areas prior to printing and other processes. It can be incorporated into existing production lines or used as a stand-alone work station. MultiDyne is built with state-of-the art components and thoroughly customizable for your application.

FlexiDyne – A compact, self-contained corona treating unit with a built-in conveyor that can be set inline or used as a stand-alone unit. FlexiDyne effectively treats most 3-D plastic parts without set up changes. Inside the enclosed treating station, all exposed top surfaces receive corona treatment improving their surface energy. 3DT’s FlexiDyne is perfect for treating labware, Petri dishes, caps, lids, lenses, automotive parts and more.

BottleDyne – Designed for quick and effective surface treatment of bottles or any extrusion or blow molded container prior to printing or labeling. 3DT’s self-contained BottleDyne corona treating system can be easily installed into molding, printing, and filling lines or used as a stand-alone work station. BottleDyne- for programmable, repeatable performance.

TubeDyne – This 3DT system is manufactured for the corona treatment of medical tubing such as pebax and polyethylene catheters. TubeDyne is a compact, self-contained system designed to improve the bonding of tube ends to other tubing, surgical instruments, and housings. TubeDyne provides powerful, repeatable, and uniform corona treatment.

PlasmaDyne – Micro-clean and activate unresponsive surfaces for long-lasting adhesion. 3DT’s PlasmaDyne uses thermal atmospheric plasma discharge to improve bonding on a wide variety of surfaces including complex, 3-D forms. This system was designed to improve the adhesion of glues, coatings, laminates, paint and ink. PlasmaDyne also removes impurities, residue and organic compounds from surfaces.

UltraDyne – UltraDyne was specifically developed to improve the adhesion of ink for high-speed cup and tub printing, in addition to narrow web and tube treatment. Utilizing a mandrel and 3DT’s custom blade electrode, UltraDyne provides robust corona discharge for these demanding applications.

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