View this video of 3DT’s MultiDyne in action below.

3DTs Multidyne corona treating system video 360p


View this video of a MultiDyne specialty system with 2 heads and 360 degrees of treatment below.

MultiDyne specialty system

MultiDyne Corona Treating System

The MultiDyne™ corona treating system from 3DT is the perfect solution to adhesion problems on injection, blow molded or extruded parts. It is designed to improve surface energy or wettability for a wide variety of applications and substrates, particularly 3D parts. MultiDyne can be incorporated into existing or new production lines or operated manually. Treatment is process-controlled, repeatable, uniform and effective – creating powerful adhesion for printing, gluing, coating or laminating applications.

MultiDyne’s corona discharge is created with the use of the “short circuit” principle generated between two electrodes at a high voltage potential. An air stream passes between the electrodes spreading the corona field uniformly onto the surface receiving treatment and thereby improving surface energy and adhesion.

Corona treatment (sometimes called blown arc plasma) is highly useful for a wide variety of applications. Such as, treatment on surfaces adjacent to metal inserts or areas held in a metal fixture, as well as flat or complex, hard to reach 3D parts. These types of surface treatment challenges are easily overcome with the MultiDyne system.

Each MultiDyne system is furnished as a complete set of components including:

  • A generator, transformer and one or two treating heads. Multi-head systems are available with 4, 6, or 8 heads for the treatment of larger areas such as containers and bottles. Standard treating heads deliver treatment to unlimited lengths of material with widths of up to 2.5″ (65 mm).
  • A compact and durable aluminum cabinet houses both generator and transformer.
  • MultiDyne is easy to use by means of an interface for external control, foot-switch control, and an intelligent fault-monitoring system.
  • The solid state controlled generator has a built-in treating timer that is activated and adjusted on the front panel.
  • All 3DT’s products are made in the USA.

For more information about MultiDyne and your application, email us at or give us a call at 262-253-6700.

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