Corona & Plasma Treatment White Papers

PDF3DT’s Brochure – The Power to Adhere  Information about 3DT’s versatile standard product line and numerous applications.
PDFCorona Treatment in Practice  A White Paper discussing corona surface treatment of film. This report illustrates the technology behind corona treatment equipment for the converting industry. Authored by SOFTAL.
PDFSOFTAL Corona and Plasma Treatment Overview  An in depth White Paper discussing corona and plasma surface treatment. Helpful information regarding improving adhesion and product quality, Dyne testing, and general surface treatment information are discussed. Also, specific information regarding film treatment and equipment. Authored by SOFTAL.
PDF  SOFTAL Corona & Plasma Brochure  Learn general information about SOFTAL’s broad product line.
PDF  Softal Corona & Plasma Brochure, Spanish  Obtenga información general sobre la amplia línea de productos de SOFTAL.