Our Company History

19913DT LLC incorporated in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA by partners Morten Jorgensen and S. Erik Kiel

1993 – Due to rapid growth, 3DT moves to a larger facility in Germantown, Wisconsin, USA

1996 – Navitas of Osaka, Japan becomes an agent for 3DT

1997 – 3DT partners with SOFTAL of Hamburg, Germany to provide worldwide production, sales and service in film, foil, web and 3D plasma and corona surface treating

2002 – 3DT Europe is established in Denmark serving our customers throughout Europe

2005 – 3DT’s standard product line grows to 6 main systems designed to meet all major surface treatment needs

2010 – 3DT joins with AFS of Horgau, Germany to expand its 2D, film treatment program and include hot needle perforation
3DT opens its China facility in Suzhou

2011 – 3DT celebrates its 20th year as a leader in advanced corona and plasma surface treatment

2015 – Erik Kiel and family assume full ownership of 3DT

3DT expands the space of its Germantown, Wisconsin headquarters

2016 – 3DT celebrates its 25th anniversary as leaders in surface treatment since 1991

2017 – SICATECH A/S becomes 3DT’s representative in Europe for sales and service

2018 – After numerous successful years in the field, 3DT re-engineers three of its models with the newest in electronic design, components and programming. The Pro series is introduced providing higher power and even better adhesion

3DT designs the first plasma treatment system with adjustable discharge levels adding flexibility for numerous types of applications

2019 – 3DT develops corona system to treating sheets, boards, and panels with the PolyDyne Pro

2020 – BottleDyne Pro is redesigned and fully updated to rapidly corona treat round, plastic bottles.

3DT maximizes its efforts to produce fully integrated, turn key systems

2021 – 3DT marks 30 years as surface treatment experts since our start in 1991

3DT expands its PLC options to include Seimens programming

2022 – 3DT engineers a plasma system to treat both plastic and metal sport bottles and substrates, the PlasmaDyne Pro

3DT designs UltraDyne for inline corona treatment of cups, tubs, tubes and more

2023 – 3DT purchases our building expanding its size and production capabilities by 5,000 sq. ft.

HeliDyne joins 3DT product line for the surface treatment of both wide and thick materials – never before accomplished in this industry