Plasma Treatment and Corona Treatment Systems

3DT manufactures advanced corona and atmospheric plasma treating systems for superior surface adhesion. Our cutting-edge surface treatment technology improves wettability for printing, coating, painting, and bonding while also cleaning surfaces and optimizing labware for cell culture growth.

We offer comprehensive surface treatment for various surfaces, including plastics, polymers, elastomers, rubber, composites, glass, and foam, ensuring increased adhesion and bond strength. These systems are meticulously manufactured by 3DT and SOFTAL, ensuring top-tier quality and performance for all your surface treatment needs.

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3DT’s Surface Treatment Technology

Surface Treatment for 3D Objects

3DT offers a comprehensive line of standard corona and plasma treating systems, all customizable for your unique application. These systems can be integrated into existing lines, integrated into production lines with many types of product handling and automation methods, such as automated robots, or operated as stand-alone units for maximum versatility. Our three-dimensional surface treatment product line includes systems to treat  3D parts and objects for numerous industries. See our 3D Objects page for a short description of each system.

Surface Treatment for Foam, Glass, Plastic Sheets, and Panels

Materials like foam, glass, plastic sheets, panels, metal, and corrugated materials often have poor wettability and require surface treatment. 3DT’s systems overcome these challenges with proven technology and thoughtful engineering, greatly increasing the adhesion of inks, coatings, and adhesives. Example products include the HeliDyne corona treatment for wide, thick materials and the PolyDyne Pro systems for enhanced surface adhesion of polymer and glass sheets and panels.

SOFTAL Film & Web Surface Treatment

SOFTAL Corona & Plasma, based in Hamburg, Germany, designs and manufactures a complete line of powerful corona and plasma surface treatment systems for plastic film, foam, paper, and textile surfaces. Represented by 3DT in North America, SOFTAL offers products like the Corona Treating Stations and Plasma Treating Station.

3DT Offers a Complete Line of Surface Treatment Systems:

Dyne Test Solution & Pens

Dyne Test Solutions and Pens are essential for measuring materials’ surface energy or wetting tension. These solutions help determine the effectiveness of surface treatments on materials like polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) films. Our products, such as the Dyne Solution Test Kit and 38 Dyne Test Pen, are ideal for this purpose.

What Makes 3DT Stand Out?

At 3DT, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional surface treatment technology tailored to your needs. Here’s why partnering with us ensures unparalleled quality and performance:

  • Comprehensive Solutions: Single-source design, manufacture, and service.
  • Custom-Engineered Systems: Tailored to meet unique application requirements.
  • Versatile Equipment: Suitable for nearly all 3-dimensional and film/web applications.
  • Turn-Key Systems: Including product handling and automation.
  • American Manufacturing: Made in Germantown, WI, with proven technology and state-of-the-art components.
  • Dedicated Support: An experienced sales and service team dedicated to excellent customer assistance and your success.

Choose 3DT for reliable, innovative, and efficient surface treatment solutions that drive your success.

Discover Your Ideal Surface Treatment With 3DT

When looking for improved adhesion and bonding for your products’ substrates, you can trust 3DT for this service. To learn more about the technology behind our Corona and Plasma Treatment Processes, visit our Process page to learn more about our available surface treatment processes. You can also explore the Dyne Level/Substrates Chart to understand the necessary dyne levels for strong surface adhesion.

Find the perfect surface treatment solution with 3DT, backed by our exceptional quality and results. For more information and inquiries about your application, please fill out the RFQ form. We are here to help you with all your surface treatment technology needs.