The videos below show three of 3DT’s custom, turnkey systems in action.

Watch as a fully integrated PlasmaDyne Pro with a feeder bowl, 2 conveyors and four treating heads plasma treat both sides of EPDM seals for improved bonding.


MultiDyne Conveyor Above MultiDyne is engineered with 2 treating heads and a conveyor to rapidly treat small parts.


Plasma Dyne Pro 4000 This PlasamDyne system is designed for treating wide flat material. It is fitted with 4 rotating heads on a linear actuator, a wide conveyor, and a part-detecting eye.


Poly Dyne Poster This PolyDyne Pro system features a specialized electrode to thoroughly corona treat sheets for improved adhesion.
PlasmaDyne Pro custom system with continuous part supply, both sides of product surface treated, conveyor & more.
Another turnkey, fully automated plasma system from 3DT!

3DT’s Turnkey Capabilities

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Why You Need a Manufacturer with Turnkey Capabilities

A company that provides turnkey manufacturing produces equipment that is designed, built, supplied, installed, complete and ready to operate. These capabilities mean the company understands its customers’ needs and goes above and beyond to meet them. Turnkey companies offer a one-stop shop, addressing customers’ requirements as a whole rather than expecting them to hand off tasks to other vendors.

Turnkey manufacturing is essential for any company looking to procure equipment or expand its processing operations. In particular, companies in these industries benefit from turnkey manufacturing solutions:

  • Batteries
  • Electronics
  • Food & Beverage
  • Household Appliances
  • Building Products
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Medical
  • Automotive
  • Packaging

Most companies in these industries cannot maintain the market share their investors expect and the fast turnarounds consumers require while fulfilling all production processes from their own facilities. Instead of outsourcing different steps of the production process, such as, application development, material testing, design, engineering, product handling, product supply, and robotics to multiple vendors, companies should consider choosing a single turnkey manufacturer they can trust.

Benefits of Working With a Turnkey Manufacturer

Leading turnkey manufacturers offer more specialized services than most companies would otherwise have access to on their own. The benefits of turnkey systems are significant, centered around better design, smooth integration of machinery and fabrication processes, faster production speeds, and cost-efficiency.

The following is a brief overview of several of the most important benefits of working with turnkey manufacturers.

Better Industry Relationships

Working with multiple companies to complete a single production project can result in fragmentation, which can cause inconsistent production quality. Your suppliers may not all have the same level of focus, as they are juggling multiple accounts of varying scope.

Consolidating your business with a turnkey provider ensures smoother communication and better quality. Timeframes also become more cohesive, as your trusted single-source partner has all the necessary resources to complete the job from start to finish, eliminating additional lead times waiting for outside vendors. Your turnkey manufacturer’s dedicated account manager will be able to provide more personalized service and give your project the attention it deserves. With a single point of contact, you’ll enjoy better all-around service and a better final product.

What’s more, the hiring company can focus on strengthening its relationships with a smaller number of suppliers, which delivers better results for investors and customers. Working with a turnkey provider gives companies the flexibility to scale up the business while still executing key deliverables.

Streamlined Design and Manufacturing

A fragmented workflow also detracts from the crucial connection between design and manufacturing teams. Even small adjustments can’t be made mid-process without coordinating with the design and manufacturing departments of multiple vendors.

Turnkey vendors are far less burdened by these issues because their design and manufacturing staff work closely together. Adjustments are easily made when a single company understands your process and handles your layout design, manufacturing, and equipment. Communication is clearer and faster, which results in better quality end products in less time.

 Faster Turn Around

Multiple vendor relationships invariably lead to longer lead times and higher expense. Miscommunication, capability variance, and disorganization are major drivers of increased costs and delays.

A turnkey vendor can avoid these issues altogether because every step of the production process is consolidated under a single project manager. The manufacturer has established procedures in place to enhance efficiency, minimize production time, and ensure project success.


Compared to working with multiple suppliers, turnkey service providers also provide dramatic cost reductions, especially with ongoing relationships that continually optimize efficiency as they become more familiar with your products and preferences. With shorter lead times, you’ll also save on indirect costs. Your accounting and administrative departments also only need to process invoices from a single company rather than multiple sources.

3DT’s Turnkey Capabilities

3DT offers fully integrated, turnkey corona and plasma surface treatment systems. From application development, design and engineering to manufacturing, material handling and automation, we are the surface treatment experts to manage all aspects of your turnkey project. No job is too big or too small.

We also build inline systems, gantry systems, continuous product supply systems, and product sensing equipment for intermittent treatment. Our automation equipment includes these and more:

  • Robotics
  • Mandrels
  • Conveyors
  • Linear actuators
  • Bowl feeders

If you have an integration supplier, we can work with them to finish your project. 3DT can meet your unique production demands by collaborating closely with your entire team.

3DT manufactures a full line of atmospheric plasma and corona surface treatment systems. Each system is customizable for your unique application. We work closely with customers to find the best solution for their adhesion challenges. Learn more about plasma and corona surface treatment methods below. Click on the Request a Quote link to the right or give us a call to discuss your surface treatment needs.

Plasma Surface Treatment

Plasma treatment alters the surface properties of materials, such as polymers, glass, and metal. By cleaning, etching, and activating the material’s surface, plasma treatment enhances adhesion for glues, inks, and paints.

Our turnkey plasma treatment systems improve adhesion on 3D plastic parts, rubber profiles, thin film, coated paperboard, foam, and thick sheets of other materials. Plasma treatment is a common process across the medical, packaging, food and drug, electronics, automotive, and other industries.

Common uses of plasma treatment include:

  • Painting or printing plastic parts, pipes, and cables
  • Improving adhesion of paint and ink on composite boards
  • Improving adhesion on polymer extrusions and coating lines
  • Improving adhesion on automotive and electronic glass
  • Preparing rubber profiles for printing or coating
  • Preparing silicone foam before applying adhesives
  • Pretreating aluminum and other metal surfaces
  • Metal and plastic bottles, cans, and other containers

Corona Surface Treatment

3DT also specializes in turnkey corona treatment systems for surface modification. They can improve the wettability of surfaces for coating, printing, painting, and bonding applications. Corona treatment can also modify labware surfaces to optimize cell culture growth. Like plasma treatment, corona treatment works on a variety of substrates, including polymers, composites, foam, and glass, improving their bond strength and adhesion providing better product performance.

3DT’s corona treatment systems are especially suited for injection, blow molded, and extruded parts as well as high-speed printing, assembly, and coating lines. Each system in our broad line of products is customizable for your unique application.

3DT – Surface Treatment Experts

3DT is an innovator in surface treatment. Our systems functionalize a wide range of materials for numerous industries. 3DT’s plasma and corona surface treatment systems are engineered to the precise needs of our clients. We work closely with each company to provide a surface treatment solution to meet their needs. Whether it’s a simple stand-alone, handheld system or a custom, fully integrated, turnkey, inline system.

As an experienced manufacturer, 3DT:

  • Supplies a full line of surface treatment equipment for nearly all three-dimensional applications as well as panels, sheets and film/web applications
  • Provides comprehensive surface treatment solutions, including single-source design, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance
  • Works closely with customers on product application development, providing truly custom-engineered systems
  • Manufactures its systems in Germantown, Wisconsin, USA using proven technology,  innovative design,  robust equipment and state-of-the-art components
  • Each sale is backed by a knowledgeable, experienced team dedicated to excellent customer service and your success.

For improved adhesion, wettability, and better product quality and performance, 3DT is your turnkey provider of plasma and corona surface treatment systems. Contact us or request a quote today to discuss your project.