The medical and pharmaceutical industries are known for their strict requirements for precision, hygiene, and durability. These sectors demand the utmost attention to detail, backed by innovative technologies that ensure safety and efficacy. At 3DT LLC, we understand these imperatives and respond with specialized surface treatment and adhesive solutions. Our offerings are designed and developed in-house to meet these rigorous standards, guaranteeing our customers superior quality, optimized performance, and adherence to the stringent regulatory compliance essential to these industries.

Surface Treatment for Medical Devices & More

Surface treatment is crucial to the performance of medical devices. It enhances adhesion, promotes durability, and increases the longevity of products. We specialize in surface treatment solutions that ensure robust and reliable adhesion, a necessity in critical medical applications.

Our solutions provide superior bonding on numerous surfaces for adhesives, print, paint, and coatings enhancing the overall performance and functionality of labware, pharmaceutical packaging and medical devices.
PlasmaDyne 1000 Shiloh    Medical Technology

3DT’s Corona Discharge & Plasma Surface Treatment Systems

We also offer corona discharge treatment. This advanced surface modification technique improves adhesion on polymers and more, making it an ideal solution for the manufacture of medical devices and pharmaceutical equipment and thereby enhancing product safety and performance.

3DT manufactures a full line of surface treatment systems. Many systems have been developed for typical medical and pharmaceutical applications. Be assured that all systems are customizable for your unique application. 

The TubeDyne™ corona treating system, an innovation by 3DT, is a compact, self-contained tabletop system specifically designed for the external treatment of medical tube ends. Essential for catheter production, it effectively alters surface energy on Pebax and Polyethylene tubing, enabling a robust bond between adhesives, coatings, and ink.

TubeDyne can treat tubing up to 0.375″ in diameter, providing powerful, uniform, and repeatable treatment. Equipped with an integrated generator, transformer, electrode assembly, holding fixture, and ozone filter, TubeDyne is PLC-controlled and features a user-friendly HMI console. It significantly enhances the bonding of housing to medical tube ends.

FlexiDyne Pro™ is a self-contained floor model corona treating system that treats 3-dimensional plastic parts for highly improved adhesion. This system is useful for printing, marking, coating and adhesive applications, as well as functionalizing labware.

FlexiDyne Pro’s powerful generator ensures consistent, reliable adhesion and faster thru-put. It has adjustable corona discharge allowing for greater flexibility in the size and types of substrates being treated. FlexiDyne Pro is particularly capable of  improving the surface energy on the most resistant polymer parts. Polystyrene labware, such as Petri dishes, flasks, trays and multiwell plates become bio-compatible once treated with FlexiDyne.

FlexiDyne Pro’s powerful rotating electrodes treat any non-conductive part up to 12″ wide by 1.5″ high, with all exposed areas receiving uniform treatment. 

The MultiDyne™ corona treating system from 3DT is the perfect solution to adhesion problems on injection, blow molded or extruded parts. It is designed to improve surface energy and  wettability for a wide variety of applications and substrates, particularly 3D polymer parts. MultiDyne can be incorporated into existing or new production lines or operated manually. Treatment is process-controlled, repeatable, uniform and effective – creating powerful adhesion for printing, gluing, coating or laminating applications. Economical MultiDyne has been used for many medical applications such as, ampules, single dose disposables, lenses, bottles, tubing and more.

Our high-performance corona treatment system, PolyDyne Pro™ improves the surface tension on numerous materials resistant to printing, adhesive and coating processes. It is engineered with multiple devices to monitor performance and ensure reliable, powerful, repeatable treatment. PolyDyne Pro is designed to adapt to many types of applications, such as 3D polymer parts, medical devices, syringes, large labware, plastics sheets, foam materials and more. Utilizing the newest science in surface treatment and electronic technology, PolyDyne Pro is designed for convenience, intelligence, and consistent, powerful corona treatment.

Bonding problems are pervasive in manufacturing because many materials refuse to bond to other materials as a result of their chemical structure. 3DT’s PlasmaDyne Pro overcomes these manufacturing and decorating challenges.

PlasmaDyne Pro generates atmospheric plasma to treat a wide variety of materials and improves the adhesion of ink, paint, and adhesives prior to decoration, coating or the joining of parts. It produces a highly ionized plasma air stream that restructures the chemical properties of material passed under its treating head. The invisibly altered surface is now capable of powerful bonding with another material. Some applications include: the improved adhesion of ink to plastic parts, cleaning and improving adhesion on metal parts, improving the adhesion of glue to polymer parts, raising surface tension on embedded electronics and flexible circuits, improving the adhesion of coating on lenses and so much more.

Proudly Made in America

We are proud to be an American company, designing, fabricating, and manufacturing all our equipment in-house at our facilities in Germantown, Wisconsin, USA. By choosing 3DT, you choose high-quality, American-made products that uphold the highest standards of performance and reliability. Our local manufacturing promotes American industry and allows us to respond swiftly to our customers’ needs, providing personalized solutions with quick turnaround times.

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3DT LLC, is committed to providing industry-leading corona and plasma surface treatment  solutions for the medical and pharmaceutical sectors. We understand the unique challenges these industries face and offer products tailored to meet those needs.

Experience the difference of working with a partner committed to your success. Explore our resources for more information, or reach out to us today to discover how our solutions can elevate your medical or pharmaceutical manufacturing process. Let us be your trusted partner in delivering superior surface treatment and adhesion solutions, contributing to the advancement of medical and pharmaceutical technologies.