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3DT's HeliDyne treats foam stock.

HeliDyne corona treats foam stock on rolls or sheets.

HeliDyne is useful for many types of wide, thick substrates.

HeliDyne was designed for surface treating many types of thick and wide substrates.

HeliDyne Corona Treatment System

Introducing 3DT’s Surface Treatment System for Wide, Thick Materials


At last, surface treatment is possible for wide and thick products such as foam stock, honeycomb boards, polymer panels and more. 3DT’s new, patented HeliDyne corona treatment system is engineered to produce strong bonding on substrates for adhesive, printing, coating and laminating applications.

HeliDyne’s helix pattern of corona electrodes rotate while corona treating the material passed underneath. HeliDyne accommodates materials up to 1 inch thick and up to 80 inches wide. The system is equally effective for inline applications, as well as sheets cut-to-size.  For these applications, HeliDyne is engineered with a conveyor system.

Conveniently, HeliDyne is prepared for integration into your production line with an Allen Bradley PLC and a Maple Systems HMI for easy, complete, recipe-based operation and monitoring.

HeliDyne’s numerous electrodes produce a wide corona discharge band raising surface tension and functionality of many materials, such as porous, hollow, and over-size materials. As with all of 3DT’s systems, HeliDyne is built with superior craftsmanship and proven technology in Germantown, Wisconsin.

System Features:

  • 3DT’s powerful generator and transformer are built into an electrical cabinet
  • Allen Bradley PLC based control system includes a HMI with a programmable touch screen menu with run time log, service hour log, diagnostic help, and alarm/trouble-shooting screenHeliDyne corona treatment system from 3DT
  • Fully enclosed, custom electrode assembly
  • Accommodates materials up to 1 inch thick and up to 80 inches wide
  • Frequency-matching for optimum treatment levels and efficient production
  • Options:
  • Aluminum main frame mounted with cabinet, treating station, and conveyor
  • Ozone exhaust system
  • Single or double side treatment
  • Built to US NFPA 79 machine safety standards and IP54 standards for protection from dust & moisture

HeliDyne radically improves surfaces for long-lasting, powerful adhesion, enabling you to produce a high-quality product even faster!

HeliDyne from 3DT for surface treating treating thick, wide materials.

3DT's HeliDyne treats plastic honeycomb panels below.

HeliDyne - improving adhsion on wide, think materials.
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