3DT LLC Belief Statements

  • To provide state of the art technology in corona and plasma surface treating systems furnishing our customers with genuine, cost effective solutions in bonding, printing and coating applications.
  • To bring the highest quality products to the world market through research, expertise, innovation, and experience.
  • To supply a full line of standard and custom products to meet our customers’ needs regardless of the size and scope of the project.
  • To build positive, long-term customer relationships through earnest collaboration, quality products and superior service.
  • To foster a work environment that provides employee job satisfaction in a professional, ethical and safe setting.

Our Commitment to Customer Service

The strength of any company, especially a high tech manufacturing firm, lies in its ability to provide excellent customer service. At 3DT we understand the importance of swift, highly competent customer service. Our service team, supplies just that! They are experts in all of our film/web and 3-D surface treating systems. Whether commissioning a new system or assuring systems are up and running, you can count on 3DT’s service professionals.