Surface Treatment By Industry

3DT manufactures a complete line of highly reliable, innovative corona and plasma surface treatment systems each designed to solve typical adhesion challenges for numerous manufacturing sectors. Our systems improve bonding on a wide array of plastics, composites, cardboard, rubber, foam, glass, and metal.

3DT’s surface treatment systems raise surface energy on substrates and create powerful bonding properties for printing, painting, coating, laminating and gluing applications. Our technology is uniquely designed to treat molded and extruded 3-dimensional parts, flat materials and any application requiring improved surface energy and a long-lasting bond.

Medical & Pharma

3DT provides innovative medical and pharma solutions tailored to meet the current needs of manufacturers. Our surface treatment systems increase adhesion properties on numerous materials, products and parts for this industry including: Labware (Petri dishes, multi-cell wells, …trays), test tubes, medical tubing, catheters, syringes, ampules, needle hubs, parts for medical devices, filters, eye lenses, bottles, packaging, and more. Read more


3DT provides advanced automotive corona and plasma treatment solutions to the modern automotive market. Our wide range of corona and plasma surface treatment systems cover a wide range of needs, including dashboards and consoles, touch screen displays, fuse covers, engine parts, airbag covers, rubber profiles, tubing, headlights, oil pans, and housings and more. We offer fully customized, integrated systems for your production line.

Electronics & Communications

3DT has extensive experience and expertise in manufacturing systems that treat parts for the electronics & communications industry. Our team has engineered surface treating systems for these applications: cables, switches, flexible circuit boards, housings, and computer, game and device screens.


3DT provides innovative corona and plasma surface treaters to meet the needs of manufacturers and packaging companies across various markets. We work closely with customers to develop a surface treatment solution to match their application. Our custom systems are engineered for integration into production lines with automation and product handling, as needed. Common surface treated products for the household industry include: small appliances, cups, containers, plastic panels, foam products, packaging, and much more. All of our surface treatment solutions are designed to exceed customer expectations with respect to quality and durability.

Health & Beauty

3DT is a leading provider to the industry for corona and plasma surface treatment solutions. When adhesion is crucial for product performance either for labeling, marking, decoration or bonding, 3DT has a system for your application. Some common products requiring surface treatment for these industries are: all types of bottles (plastic, metal, glass), bottle caps, compacts, jars, tubs, tubes, film, and pouches.

Food & Drug

3DT manufactures several models of corona and plasma systems for the food & drug industries. Our systems vary greatly due to the many types of applications required by our customers. These systems are designed for improving the adhesion of paint, ink, adhesive, coating, lamination, labels and decoration. Products may include: bottles (plastic, glass, metal), all types of, labware, jars, caps, corks, film packaging, and pouches – all designed to meet the highest in health and safety standards.

Building Materials

3DT provides innovative surface treatment systems for the building material market. Whether the application is to secure glue, paint, ink, laminating or coating to a substrate, 3DT has a solution. Some examples are: home siding, vinyl flooring, window seals and profiles, corrugated boards, panels and sheets.

Film / Web and Packaging Materials

3DT offers high-quality surface treatment systems to meet the needs of manufacturing, packaging and labeling businesses. Our corona and plasma systems treat film, web materials for packaging, labels, cardboard, foam, and panels – all designed to provide superior adhesion for your media, adhesives, and coatings. 3DT supplies SOFTAL Corona & Plasma for many 2D applications.

We Supply Surface Treatment Solutions to All Industries

3DT is your single-source for process application development, engineering/design, manufacture, installation and service. With more than 30 years of experience, we offer the most advanced, adaptable and dependable systems worldwide.

3DT provides the option of fully integrated corona and plasma surface treatment systems. including a range of material handling and automation options. We are the surface treatment experts to manage all aspects of your turnkey project.

Whatever your industry needs, 3DT has a surface treatment solution has the solutions for you. Contact us today and let’s explore how we can help you to overcome your adhesion challenges! Email us at or call  1-262-253-6700 to get started.