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What is the HeliDyne System?

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The HeliDyne system by 3DT LLC is an innovation in surface treatment technology designed to enhance the adhesion of a broad range of substrates. Our state-of-the-art system redefines the possibilities in surface treatment capabilities. With over 30 years of experience in corona and plasma treatment, 3DT LLC has become a leading force in technological advancements for surface treatment.

Revolutionary Surface Treatment with HeliDyne

The HeliDyne system introduces a groundbreaking method of enhancing material properties through a unique helix-patterned corona electrode technology. This patent-pending innovation is crucial for achieving superior adhesion on various substrates, particularly in challenging applications involving advanced polymer panels and honeycomb boards.

Its capability to process materials up to 1 inch thick and 80 inches wide makes it a versatile foam sheet surface treatment solution for industries demanding high-quality surface treatment. Integrating an Allen Bradley PLC and a Maple Systems HMI ensures a seamless operation, allowing for precise control and monitoring of the surface treatment process.

Furthermore, HeliDyne’s design accommodates many material types, including porous, hollow, or oversized, substantially expanding its application range. It is the perfect option for foam adhesive surface treatment. Built with uncompromising craftsmanship, this system is a testament to 3DT LLC’s commitment to excellence and innovation in surface treatment technology.

As a result, HeliDyne marks a breakthrough in the industry, establishing unprecedented standards for efficiency, flexibility, and adhesive strength in surface treatment applications. If you’re looking for an advanced solution for advanced polymer panel adhesive, look no further than HeliDyne by 3DT LLC.

Advanced HeliDyne Corona Treatment System Features

The HeliDyne Corona Treatment System is outfitted with various features engineered to meet the rigorous demands of modern manufacturing environments. Below are key components that delineate HeliDyne’s superiority in the field of surface treatment technologies:

  • The 3DT system features a robust generator and transformer housed within an electrical cabinet.
  • It utilizes an Allen Bradley PLC for control, boasting an HMI equipped with a touchscreen for programming, runtime and service logs, diagnostics, and an alarm/troubleshooting interface from the HeliDyne corona treatment system by 3DT.
  • The electrode assembly is fully enclosed and custom-designed.
  • It can handle materials up to 1 inch thick and widths up to 80 inches, making it perfect for foam sheet surface treatment.
  • The system is designed for frequency-matching to ensure optimal treatment levels and enhance production efficiency.

Our system offers a robust aluminum main frame housing the treating station, cabinet, and conveyor for seamless operation. It includes an ozone exhaust system to ensure a clean environment. You can choose between single or double-side treatment options, providing flexibility for advanced polymer panel adhesive based on your needs.

Built to adhere to stringent US NFPA 79 machine safety standards and IP54 standards for dust and moisture protection, our equipment guarantees safety and reliability in every use. HeliDyne’s advanced technology significantly improves surface quality, strengthening adhesion and boosting manufacturing speed and efficiency.

Unlock the Future of Advanced Adhesive Applications With Helidyne

The HeliDyne system by 3DT LLC is the peak of surface treatment technology, raising the bar for reliability, efficiency, and effectiveness in foam adhesive solutions. Our innovative technique improves adhesive properties in polymer panels, foam sheets, and various substrates, showing our dedication to excellence and leadership in the industry.

Contact us today for a detailed consultation on using the HeliDyne system for your adhesive foam surface treatment needs or to discover our full range of surface treatment solutions. You can also visit our HeliDyne product page to learn more about the system’s specifics. With over three decades of experience, we are confident in helping you find the perfect solution for your business needs.