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  1. Corona Treatment Systems – Overcoming the Effects of Heat and Humidity

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    As you know, moisture is an enemy of electronic components. Consequently, with summer’s high heat and humidity, even the best corona treatment equipment will benefit from some simple maintenance.

    Ozone is a by-product of corona treatment and is easily handled with 3DT’s robust ozone exhaust and filtration equipment. However, in extremely hot and humid conditions ozone can combine with moisture-laden air leaving a residue on the electrodes. This residue can then collect environmental debris.  Electrodes in this condition can experience voltage arcing which can harm the electrodes over time.

    You can optimize your corona treatment system in humid conditions by following these practices:

    • Starting the corona generator out at a low power level will create heat that will dry the electrodes without excessive voltage levels. After a minute or two the treating station should be drier and the power level can be set back to its normal settings.
    • In excessively damp environments, the electrodes and treating station should be wiped down manually.
    • If you are using 3DT’s Ozone Filtration System the catalyst and filters should be changed regularly as prescribed by the operation manual.
    • Ensuring that the ozone exhaust system is functioning optimally and is vented properly
    • Cleaning electrode assemblies regularly
    • If air conditioning is available, use it in hot and humid weather to keep the air moisture-free

    Following these steps will help to keep your production lines and corona systems humming season after season.


    Alex Kiel