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3DT Adds Allen-Bradley’s PanelView Plus to Options

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3DT now offers Allen-Bradley’s PanelView Plus 7 HMI with MicroLogix 1400 PLC as a standard operator console in many of our systems.  While we still offer Maple Systems’ HMI in many products in 3DT’s line, the PanelView Plus 7 goes a step further in enhancing the user interface.  It is built with an aluminum housing, giving the HMI a quality look and feel.  The touch screen also provides a higher resolution, allowing for clearer images on-screen.

Allen Bradley PanelView Plus*Picture from Allen-Bradley Website (7 inch PanelView Plus 7)

The PanelView Plus 7 is a great option for those who use other Allen-Bradley products in their facility with Ethernet/IP communication.  While data logging can be done using Ethernet/IP, the PanelView Plus 7 can also create a CSV file of the system data and store it on a USB drive.  The data stored can provide insight on the system’s productivity and overall status.  Real-time data trends can also be viewed on the PanelView.  The data trend graphs also provide a look back function to view previous system data.

Example images from the PanelView Plus 7.  Top 2 images: Real Time Data Trends.

Real Time Data Trends

Real Time Data Trends

Below: System Menu

System Menu

Below: Graph created using temperature data from CSV file.

Graph created using temperature data from CSV file.

Both options, PanelView Plus 7 and Maple Systems, provide an excellent interface for 3DT’s systems while allowing for different options based on specific needs and budgets.

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