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  1. See the Newest Offerings in Corona & Plasma Treatment at K 2019

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    Is a trip to Germany to visit the K 2019 “World’s No. 1 Trade Fair for Plastics and Rubber” in your schedule for next month?  Then plan to stop by and see us at the upcoming K 2019 show in Dusseldorf, Germany from October 16th-23rd,  2019.  We will be available to discuss the latest offerings at the Softal Corona and Plasma booth in Hall 10/H74 and at the AFS booth at Hall 10/H64. 

    You’ll be able to see the latest module based generator technology and the newest offerings in corona and plasma treating station design.  Erik Kiel and I will also be discussing several exclusive offerings available from 3DT including our Foam Treating System for in line treatment of thick foam type materials at thicknesses up to 6mm.  We’ll also be highlighting our Conveyor Sheet Treating System for treating sheets on a conveyor as well as our Sheet and Panel Treating System for treating large format panels.  View our K Show Preview  page and the dedicated webpage to learn more. 

    You don’t have to wait to see us in Germany.  You can contact us anytime at

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    Gary Kohlnhofer


    3DT's corona system for treating small panels and sheets. 3DT's PolyDyne Pro engineered for rolls of foam.

    PolyDyne Pro corona system from 3DT for the treatment of rigid sheets, panels and boards3DT's corona treatment system for panels, boards, and heavy sheets





  2. 3DT’s Updated Plasma System: Smart Technology, Adjustable Power Levels

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    Read About the Advances and Advantages of 3DT’s New Plasma System

    3DT’s hardworking, classic plasma treatment system for 3-D parts, PlasmaDyne, has been thoroughly updated as a part of the company’s effort toward continual technological improvement and meeting the needs of the industry. Updates include the newest in electrical engineering, components and design. Renamed PlasmaDyne Pro, the upgraded system features an optimized, sophisticated control panel, adjustable plasma treatment levels, energy efficiency, modular replacement parts, it’s compact and economical.

    New Features and Advantages

    As with 3DT’s previous plasma system, PlasmaDyne is known for providing highly effective surface treatment, flexibility in adapting to varied applications, thoughtful engineering and durability. The new PlasmaDyne Pro has several important upgrades but of most importance PlasmaDyne Pro is the only system in the market to offer adjustable treatment and power levels. 3DT’s Updated Plasma System: Smart Technology, Adjustable Power Levels

    The new PlasmaDyne Pro system includes these new features and benefits:

    • Adjustable power level up to 600W to achieve desired treatment levels; turn up the power to raise surface energy on resistant substrates or lower the power for delicate substrates. Treatment levels can be programmed for each individual treating head.
    • Color touch display for monitoring all system parameters, including troubleshooting and fault log.
    • Modular power factor supply for treating heads allows for quick, easy changes to keep production running.
    • Active power correction for highest efficiency and lowest operating cost.
    • Compact and economical: PlasmaDyne Pro systems with 3 or more treating heads are now smaller than systems previously produced and more economical as a result.

    Overcoming Adhesion Challenges

    PlasmaDyne Pro utilizes atmospheric plasma technology to effectively and uniformly treat surfaces for the improved adhesion of glue, paint, ink, flocking, coatings, and laminates. Plasma technology raises surface energy by modifying the molecular structure of many difficult-to-bond materials without causing harm to the substrate. PlasmaDyne Pro’s plasma process improves the surface tension on polymers, rubber, metal, glass, ceramic, paperboard and composites. It is adaptable to countless applications.

    The 3DT PlasmaDyne Pro completes two functions in a single step: it cleans organic contaminants from the surface and alters the molecular structure of the substrate, thereby raising the surface energy and producing a stronger bond between the substrate and media.

    As mentioned, PlasmaDyne Pro micro cleans surfaces by removing impurities, contaminants, residue, organic compounds and some hydrocarbons. This process provides another important aspect in improving adhesion and enhancing surfaces for secondary processes.

    PlasmaDyne Pro produces plasma from a high voltage electric current within a treating head. The plasma is then applied to a substrate by means of pressurized air. Power/treatment levels can be adjusted for each application. The treating heads produce a discharge area of 10 – 40mm in width depending on the type of treating head chosen for the application.

    3DT’s Updated Plasma System: Smart Technology, Adjustable Power Levels

    PlasmaDyne Pro can be customized with one or more stationary and rotating heads. At this point, 3DT has supplied system configurations with up to 12 treating heads. Importantly, each treating head is independently programmed for mode of operation and power level. This feature allows greater flexibility in applications with limited downtime between setups.

    PlasmaDyne Pro can operate as a stand-alone unit or incorporated into a production line, such as an indexing table, conveyor system or the heads can be secured onto a robotic arm.

    What Customers Say

    The first customers to receive the new PlasmaDyne Pro are very excited and happy about the system’s performance. In fact, one customer said purchasing a PlasmaDyne Pro was one of the best investments he’s made. This company is sending 3DT information about an application for another PlasmaDyne Pro.

    Customers have come to appreciate 3DT’s classic PlasmaDyne for its dependability and durability. In fact, there are numerous systems in the field with more than 25,000 hours of operation and they are still running strong. PlasmaDyne is a proven system designed for powerful adhesion. Considering the improvements made to this system, 3DT anticipates customers to experience the same long-lasting, consistent performance with the new PlasmaDyne Pro.

    All 3DT’s systems, including PlasmaDyne Pro, are produced in Germantown, Wisconsin, USA, offering the advantages of stateside sales, service and replacement parts.

    Technical Data

    3DT’s PlasmaDyne Pro system includes:

    • Single cabinet generator and transformer
    • Electrical enclosures meet IP43 standards
    • Adjustable power level up to 600W
    • Customizable with 1 – 12 stationary and/or rotating treating heads
    • Treatment area from 10 – 40mm
    • 2, 3 or 4 meter treating head cable
    • Internal air supply- eliminating the need for costly compressed air and extending nozzle life
    • Downloadable USB operation log to review performance
    • Local or remote PLC control modes
    • Color touch display monitors all system parameters
    • Intelligent fault monitoring system
    • Safe: chemical and ozone-free
    • Built to US NFPA machine safety standards

    For more information and to discuss your application please contact us at or call 262-253-6700. Learn more about 3DT and our full line of surface treatment systems at