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  1. Company Spotlight – SOFTAL

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    SOFTAL Corona & Plasma GmbH is an industry leader in designing and producing groundbreaking corona and plasma surface treatments for various materials, including plastic film, labels, textiles, paper, panels, metal, and more. Over 60 years of experience have made SOFTAL one of the most important companies in the surface treatment area.

    As SOFTAL has headquarters in Hamburg, Germany, 3DT LLC represents the company in sales, support, and service in North America. 3DT offers corona and plasma treatment systems for 2D and 3D applications, which 3DT and SOFTAL both manufacture.

    Who Is SOFTAL?

    SOFTAL was founded in the 1950s when the industrial use of corona technology was young. As that technology became essential to industries worldwide, SOFTAL led in its innovation and growth. Now a globally trusted company with patented processes, SOFTAL has mastered the manufacturing of premium bonding techniques for coatings, adhesives, and lacquers, increasing quality and productivity without primers.

    Although industry needs have changed over time, the SOFTAL promise of “adhesion guaranteed” has remained constant. “Adhesion guaranteed” symbolizes what SOFTAL is all about: the adhesion of your product customized for your processes, materials, and budget. SOFTAL has over 250 BOPP treatment stations and has produced over 10,000 corona stations, making it one of the most knowledgeable suppliers in the world.

    What Products Does SOFTAL Offer?

    SOFTAL offers a variety of surface treatment products such as:

    • Corona treatment systems – SOFTAL manufactures a complete line of corona treatment stations that improve the adhesion of glues, printing inks, lacquers, and other coatings to the surface of multiple materials. During corona treatment, corona energy is created when a dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) fires in the gap between the electrode and the counter electrode, causing a chemical reaction on the material being treated resulting increased adhesive forces.
    •  Plasma treatment systems – Plasma technology uses one or more high voltage electrodes which charge the surrounding blown gas molecules, resulting in a highly ionized field that is forced onto the targeted surface. This airstream, or plasma discharge, reacts with the substrate and breaks the existing hydrogen bonds altering the chemical properties of the surface. Plasma treatment is especially suited for functionalizing thicker and thermally sensitive material such as polymer foam and wide materials such as plastic sheets, glass and metal plates. Plasma is nearly potential-free allowing conductive materials, such as embedded electronics to be effectively treated.

    Benefits of SOFTAL


    SOFTAL offers several advantages to its customers worldwide:

    • Install and forget. SOFTAL understands that the bottom line for most companies is a product that works and is simple to maintain. Therefore, all of SOFTAL’s user-friendly, modular products are durable, safe, cost-efficient, and easy to fix and service.
    • Adhesion guaranteed. SOFTAL’s slogan of guaranteed adhesion means that no matter how large its customer base gets, it will never forget its roots or what matters to you. Its treatment systems are modular, so SOFTAL is constantly growing, improving, and developing new processes and systems for its customers’ benefit.
    • Customer-specific interfaces and solutions. Its hardware and software solutions enable SOFTAL to customize all of its systems to fit with your materials and processes. As a result, you can concentrate on your core competencies, and SOFTAL and 3DT will handle the surface treatment of your materials.
    • Reliable service. SOFTAL is proud of its strong reputation and high level of customer satisfaction. With its network of trained, worldwide professionals, like us here at 3DT, SOFTAL can be almost anywhere in a matter of hours to solve your problem.

    SOFTAL Services With 3DT

    SOFTAL’s reliable commitment to easy-to-maintain products, adhesion solutions, customized answers, and fast service has made them a strong partner for 3DT.

    Through a range of comprehensive and custom services, 3DT utilizes its 30 years of experience in quality adhesive and surface treatment solutions to offer dedicated customer service. Recognized throughout the world for our innovations in plasma and corona surface treatments, we serve numerous industries, including the packaging, automotive, electrical, food and drug, and medical sectors.

    Find out more about SOFTAL products here.

    As a representative for SOFTAL in North America, contact us at 3DT or request a quote today for more information on what our companies can do to help.