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PolyDyne pro corona treatment

The Engineering Behind 3DT’s Most Sophisticated System Yet- PolyDyne Pro

For Unparalleled Corona Treatment

The PolyDyne PRO is the latest product from 3DT. This new, highly advanced corona generator takes queues from the original PolyDyne as well as our successful plasma generators to make the PolyDyne PRO our most powerful, sophisticated and robust system to date.

The PolyDyne PRO can either be voltage controlled as the original PolyDyne 1 and 3, or power controlled which has become a standard in film and web industries. In voltage-controlled mode the PolyDyne PRO can output up to 36kV single-ended or up to 72kV in a push-pull configuration. Multiple feedback devices are used to monitor system parameters to ensure reliable, powerful corona treatment. The system is built around a digital signal processor (DSP) which monitors output voltages, currents power levels, phase angle and more. In virtually real-time, it can adjust and compensate to deliver constant power and voltage levels in any condition. Single phase generators, which run on 100-240VAC, have universal inputs and can deliver up to 2kW. No changing of taps or jumpers is necessary at any voltage level between 100VAC to 240VAC, 50/60Hz. The PolyDyne PRO also has a near unity power factor (0.98 typical) which means it emits very little noise onto the electrical line and that external fuse breaker sizes can be reduced as reactive currents are almost non-existent.

Optional leak detection is available on all models of the PolyDyne PRO and can be monitored via the generator’s isolated interface. All generators feature a rich I/O interface which includes all inputs and outputs to be set as sourcing or sinking to interface to virtually any type of sensor, relay or PLC. Outputs include: power alarm, corona on, system fault, generator status and more. Inputs include: generator status (ready/standby mode) and a corona enable signal. The corona can also be activated automatically by sensing of a part or by setting a minimum line speed in the generators settings. Onboard adjustable timers also allow for more integrated flexibility. Power or voltage levels can be controlled remotely by either a 4-20mA or 2-10V analog signal (0-20mA/0-10V and others available). Power or voltage levels can also be monitored through the generator’s 4-20mA/2-10V analog output port (0-20mA/0-10V and others available). The PolyDyne PRO also features an integrated safety circuit utilizing a forcibly guided relay (EN50205 Type A TUV approved) to use with external E-STOP switches and/or safety interlocks for safe, worry-free operation.

Monitoring and controlling all aspects of the PolyDyne PRO is quick and easy via a high-resolution color touch display. All parameters of the system can be adjusted and monitored. A fault log and a data log can be used to verify the generator has performed properly throughout previous shifts. Onboard help screens are available for trouble-shooting and configuring system parameters. The PolyDyne PRO is the ideal corona generator for treatment of small delicate parts to large, hard to treat substrates. A versatile interface means it can be easily implemented into any system or process, or function as a stand-alone piece of equipment for unparalleled corona treatment.


Alex Kiel